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Prioritizing Senior Health Despite the Pandemic


Seniors are at high risk for complications linked to COVID-19. Statistics have shown that older adults are dying at a higher rate compared to younger patients. While this pandemic has been rattling the healthcare system all over the world, we should always remember that there are plenty of ways to keep our senior loved ones healthy at home.

If you need 24 hour in-home care for your senior family member, always do a background check on the company you are planning to hire. Our home care in Berlin NJ faithfully abides by the updated protocols for the care and protection of seniors, whether afflicted by the virus or not.

Another way to care for and prioritize the health of seniors is to have them checked by a healthcare provider whenever they feel COVID-19 symptoms. Testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 should be the initial step because more stringent measures are required to be observed when dealing with COVID-19 positive patients.

The pandemic has caused a lot of countries to issue lockdown and/or stay-at-home orders. While this can be damaging to businesses and the economy on a large scale, it is necessary to arrest and eventually stop the spread of the virus by halting physical contact. Seniors may already be experiencing isolation at home or at caregiving facilities. Thus, family members and caregivers must encourage their seniors to indulge in healthy daily activities. Our home care services in Allentown, Pennsylvania can assist you on this very well.

Prioritizing your senior loved ones’ health must still be observed. Wear a mask when you go near them, sanitize your hands regularly, and run errands for them. If you need assistance, our home care in Hammonton, New Jersey is ready to help. Call Trifecta Home Care LLC now!

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