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Look Out for These Signs of Caregiver Burnout


Caregiver burnout is not unique to healthcare professionals. The overwhelming exhaustion experienced by caregivers at a certain point in their service can also be experienced by family members who have taken on the roles of caregivers for their loved ones.

And while their intentions and actions are admirable, these also make them more vulnerable to feeling burned out more so than professional caregivers. This is due to factors such as their relations with the person receiving care as well as the fact that they are less equipped to handle the demands of this labor of love. And this increases the heavier the tasks get such as when it involves providing 24-hour in-home care.

We know these too well as a provider of home care in Hammonton, New Jersey at Trifecta Home Care LLC and this is precisely the reason why taking breaks is necessary.

But how do you know that your tiredness has pushed past the feeling of exhaustion and you are now feeling caregiver burnout?

Some signs to pay attention to include:

  • Feeling blue and helpless
  • Irritability and impatience on the person for whom you are caring
  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • Withdrawal from friends, family, and other loved ones
  • Getting sick more often than usual

Don’t wait for these to happen. We offer respite care among our home care services in Allentown, Pennsylvania so you can take your much-needed break.

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