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Is It Beneficial for Seniors to Take Hot Baths?


A cold shower may be unappealing to most, but a warm bath is always a pleasure. Did you know that enjoying a luxurious hot soak may actually provide various health benefits for seniors? As a provider of home care in Hammonton, New Jersey, we encourage warm baths for stress relief and its other health benefits.

Here are some ways warm baths may be beneficial when providing bathing assistance for seniors:

  • Reduced inflammation
    Raising the body’s temperature can improve the body’s anti-inflammatory response.
  • Lowered blood sugar
    Studies show that peak blood sugar after eating was lower when participants took a bath.
  • Lowered blood pressure and improved circulation
    Hot baths can elevate nitric oxide in the blood which allows blood vessels to relax and decrease blood pressure.
  • Soothes muscle and joint pains
    Heat reduces inflammation and allows blood to flow freely in stiff and painful muscles and joints.
  • Reduced headaches and improved mood
    Hot baths are known to ease headaches, lift one’s mood, and promote better sleep

However, it is important to check with a medical professional before using hot baths to assist in alleviating ailments. Bathing in high temperatures may be dangerous for patients with heart problems. Keep the temperatures within 98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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