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Common Signs Seniors Are Neglecting Personal Hygiene


As your loved ones go through aging, they may not understand that they are falling behind on meeting their daily basic needs. Sometimes, seniors manifest signs of self-neglect so that someone can step in to provide care, support, and assistance for them. Check out these signs below to understand when your loved ones need assistance.

  • Unusual weight loss
    Unusual weight loss can stem from not eating healthy meals or drinking sufficient amounts of water. Seniors may feel too tired to cook meals or are too distracted to drink water which may result in malnutrition or dehydration. But with 24-hour in-home care, caregivers can provide assistance that your senior loved ones need.
  • Unsafe living conditions
    Do you often see a dirty pile of dishes or laundry at your seniors’ place? This may be a sign that they are not living in a hygienic environment. Seniors may want to live in a clean and safe home but they may be too tired or sick to keep it up. However, professional caregivers that offer home care services in Allentown, Pennsylvania can help them get things back the right way.
  • Decreased social engagement
    It takes time and energy to socialize, and when seniors start to go out less, it can be a huge sign that they are neglecting their emotional needs as well. Mental and emotional health can also be affected but caregivers provide both home care in Berlin NJ and companionship services for your senior loved ones.

Trifecta Home Care LLC offers home care in Hammonton, New Jersey to individuals with disabilities, injuries, difficulties with mobility, or illnesses. Through our personalized care plan, we ensure round-the-clock services and supervision to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. For more information about our services, call us at 609-549-8343 today.

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